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Lairg People in the period 1812 - 1818

This view of the village of Lairg was taken before the dam from Builnatobrach.
The following people are those named in the Day Book of William Macdonald, Merchant of Lairg. 
This is a very useful list insofar as it gives many of the place names of Lairg parish. It does not contain every person who lived in Lairg parish but is still a useful list. As there were few stores to purchase goods in I imagine most families used it.
Further information is available on the original list which has been copied on microfilm by the Scottish Records Office and can also be seen at the Archives Department of the Public Library, Inverness. Lairg History Society have published a useful booklet also. 
The same view of the village today.  Both photographs courtesy of Paul Gray, Glasgow.

The following list shows only the surname, name, residence and where appropriate a family note and occupation. Place names are shown exactly as on original document. There are a few names on this list from Rogart, Eddrachillis, Durness and Farr parishes.
Anderson James Midpenny shepherd
Bain Widow Claggin
Brander James Shinness
Broke James Moudel shepherd
Buchan Robert Achany Wright
Cameron Archibald
Cameron Donald Holmetary shepherd
Campbell Alexander Milnclaren
Campbell David Achfrish
Campbell Finlay Saval Mor wife Margaret
Campbell John Torroble wife Elspet
Campbell Robert Glen Shin
Christy Alexander Near Inveran road contractor
Corbet Donald Shinness smith
Davidson Mr Crask bridge builder & driver
Douglas Hugh Shinness weaver
Ennis Christian Gruids sister to Wm.
Ennis George Gruids brother to Wm.
Ennis William Gruids
Fraser Alexander Arscaig shepherd
Fraser Alexander Badielclargan
Fraser Donald Milnclaren miller, wife Margaret
Fraser Isobel Nr Lairg servant
Fraser Simon Milnclaren miller, son of Donald
Fraser Thomas Gruids miller
Gillespie George Clibrec shepherd
Gordon Elspeth Balone, Kinvonvie
Gordon Isobel Achfrish
Gordon Jane Rhinamain husband Angus Mackay
Gordon Jean Achenduich husband Angus Mackay
Gordon Miss Balnain, Shin
Gordon William Shinness Merchant
Graham Alexander Milnclaren ex-miller, father of Margaret Fraser
Graham Donald Gruids tailor
Graham John Craggie, Fleet
Graham Margaret Milnclaren wife of Simon Fraser
Grant Adam Clinol son Alexander
Grant Barbara Achenduich, Aultern
Grant Donald Torroble
Grant John Kinvonvie
Gray George Colabol wife Mary?
Gray James Kinvonvie wife Margaret Gunn
Gray Katherine Lairg
Gray Merran Lairg
Greg Archibald Milnclaren woodcutter
Gunn Elspeth Rhean (Mackay)
Gunn George Kinvonvie
Gunn John Kinvonvie Pensioner
Gunn Margaret Kinvonvie husband James Gray
Johnston William Achenduich shepherd
Kennedy Angus Creanich
Kennedy Angus Lairg Minister
Lougan James Clibrec shepherd
Lougan Katherine Braemore
MacCulloch Christian Rhean servant
Macdonald Alexander Arscaig shepherd
Macdonald Alexander Lairg
Macdonald Alexander Shinness Wright
Macdonald Ann Caolishie
Macdonald Donald Dahidell, Shin soldier
Macdonald Duncan Balnain, Shin shepherd
Macdonald Duncan Cean na coille mason
Macdonald Duncan Colabol tenant
Macdonald Duncan Rerevach, Shin
Macdonald Duncan Rhine shepherd
Macdonald Finlay Craighousie shepherd
Macdonald Finlay Dalnessie shepherd
Macdonald Finlay Milnclaren
Macdonald George Kinvonvie
Macdonald Hector Culbuie
Macdonald Hugh Saval Mor, Kinvonvie
Macdonald Isabella Midpenny husband Paul Macinnish
Macdonald John Achnara, Shin weaver
Macdonald John Dola fiddler
Macdonald Merran Achenduich
Macdonald Neil Achnara, Shin brother to John
Macdonald Neil Badell, Shin tailor?
Macdonald Paulina Torroble
Macdonald Robert Kinvonvie
Macdonald William Torroble
Macgillivray Miss Lairg
Macgregor Alexander Gruids
Macgregor Bel Gruids
Macgregor Donald Gruids
Macgregor James Duchilly shepherd
Macgregor John Badielargie shepherd
Macgregor William Gruids
Macinnish Malcolm Midpenny shepherd
Macinnish Paul Midpenny shepherd
Macintosh Alexander Kinvonvie
Macintosh John Shinness foxhunter
Mackay Adam Saval Beg son of John
Mackay Alexander Lairg servant ot minister
Mackay Alexander Lairg
Mackay Alexander Waster Lairg
Mackay Alex. jnr Rheanbreck & Rhean
Mackay Angus Achenduich wife Jean Gordon
Mackay Angus Achnara, Shin pensioner
Mackay Angus Rhinamain
Mackay Angus junior Rheanbreck
Mackay Barbara Lairg husband Duncan Matheson
Mackay Donald Achnara, Shin
Mackay Donald Mudel
Mackay Donald Rhinacoup shepherd
Mackay Donald Rhinamain shepherd
Mackay Emery Lairg son of Alex.
Mackay George Schaschie, Gruids
Mackay Gilbert Invershin
Mackay Hugh Dolay
Mackay Hugh nr Dalouchie
Mackay James Creag Saval
Mackay James Dolay
Mackay James Kinvonvie, Tomich
Mackay James Shinness tailor
Mackay Jean Cean na coille
Mackay John road man
Mackay John Achfrish
Mackay John Achnara
Mackay John Balnain, Shin
Mackay John Clinol
Mackay John Creag Saval
Mackay John lately Carfrose
Mackay John Mudle soldier
Mackay John Rhiavach, Shin post
Mackay John Rhinavach, Shin weaver
Mackay John Saval Beg
Mackay John Saval Mor tenant
Mackay John Shiness Laird
Mackay John Torroble wright
Mackay Katherine Gruids servant
Mackay Kenneth Kinvonvie
Mackay Kenneth Pitarksie, Gruids
Mackay Margaret Colabol servant
Mackay Margaret Dolay
Mackay Margaret Kinvonvie husband George Macdonald
Mackay Mary Torroble
Mackay Murdoch Cean na coille servant
Mackay Murdoch Torroble weaver
Mackay Neil Colabol
Mackay Neil Pitarksie, Gruids
Mackay Peter Rhiadach, Shin
Mackay Robert Torroble pensioner
Mackay Thomas Rhinshean, Shin
Mackay William Clinol, Gruids
Mackay William Shinness schoolmaster
Mackay William Tomich
Mackenzie Angus Rhinamain pensioner
Mackenzie Donald near Inveran mason
Mackenzie Gilbert Invershin
Mackenzie John Daledell, Shin
Mackenzie John Kinvonvie & Rhimastag wife, Merran
Mackenzie Kenneth Kinvonvie herd
Mackenzie Neil Lairg?
Macleod Angus Achfrish
Macleod Christina Dolay widow
Macleod Donald Balnain, Shin
Macleod Donald Invercharkie wife, Elspeth
Macleod Donald Kinvonvie
Macleod George Clinol weaver
Macleod George Dalchork shepherd
Macleod John Clinol deceased
Macleod Margaret Balnain, Shin servant
Macleod Mary Pitarskie, Gruids
Macleod William Ceannaoille
Macnab John Caerfrose shepherd
Macula Angus Kinvonvie tailor
Maculloch Christian Rhean servant
Matheson Angus Dolay
Matheson Betsy Dolay wife of Alex. Ross
Matheson Catherine Shinagar daughter of Widow Bain, wife of Wm.
Matheson Christian Achnara, Shin daughter of Hugh
Matheson Donald Ceannacoille mason
Matheson Donald Creaghouse pensioner
Matheson Duncan Achnara, Shin
Matheson Duncan Lairg
Matheson Hugh Achfrish, Shin tenant
Matheson John Achnara, Shin weaver
Matheson John Achnara, Shin & Ceannacoille
Matheson John Torroble
Matheson Katherine Milnclaren
Matheson Katherine Shinagar, Shin widow Bain's daughter
Matheson Margaret Bacadlering, Shin widow
Matheson Mary Claggin widow Bain's daughter
Matheson Mary Shiness
Matheson Neil Achfrish
Matheson Robert Achfrish
Matheson William Lairg
Munro Alexander Clibrec
Munro Donald Corriskinloch Shin
Munro Donald Glencuel
Munro Duncan Glencuel
Munro Finlay Corriekinloch son of Donald
Munro Finlay Glencuel son of Donald
Munro Finlay Kinvonvie son of Donald
Munro George Gruids mason, son of George
Munro George Gruids servant
Munro Janet Creag Saval husband James Mackay
Munro John Corriekinloch
Munro Robert Clinol
Munro widow Shiness was at Tallich
Munro William Achany Laird
Munro William Shinness smith
Murdy Andrew Clibrec shepherd
Murdy Hall Corrynafearn shepherd
Murray Adam Tomich son of John
Murray Donald Gruids schoolmaster
Murray Donald Torbreach
Murray Donald Torrable
Murray Duncan Saval Mor wife Isobel
Murray John Colabol, Achfrish
Murray John Kinvonvie
Murray John Lairg
Murray John Tomich son Robert
Oliver George Achenduich shepherd
Oliver John Corrinafearn shepherd
Oliver Robert Dalnessie & Aultnalouart shepherd
Paterson Andrew Achness, Farr son of Anthony
Paterson Andrew Aultnalouart shepherd, son of Anthony
Paterson Anthony Rhean, Terryside shepherd
Paterson Thomas Gruids woodcutter
Peacock Thomas Crask road contractor
Ramsay William Shinness
Redpath James Lairg wright
Redpath William Cnocan shepherd
Reed Ralph Achenduich manager
Robertson James Glasscheol shepherd
Robertson Peter Lone of Pircy shepherd
Robeson William Holmbury shepherd
Ross Alexander Dolay wife Betsy
Ross Alexander Gruids smith
Ross Alexander Tomich pensioner
Ross Angus Dolay brother to Hugh & Thomas
Ross Angus Tomich shoemaker
Ross Christian Clinol widow of John Macleod
Ross Christian Craggie widow of Robert Sutherland
Ross David Achtumlinie
Ross Donald Garvault servant
Ross Finlay Achfrish
Ross George Lower Lairg servant
Ross Hugh Dolay brother to Angus & Thomas
Ross Hugh Dolay
Ross Hugh Milnclaren
Ross James Lairg smith
Ross James Lairg tailor
Ross Jean Torroble widow
Ross John Gruids lately in Braemore
Ross John Lairg road contractor
Ross John Shinness piper
Ross John Tomich
Ross Mary Achfrish servant
Ross Robert Ceanacoille servant
Ross Robert Rheanbrech shepherd
Ross Thomas Dolay brother to Angus & Hugh
Ross Walter Garvault
Ross William Balnain, Shin servant
Ross William Clinol maybe two, same name, same place
Ross William Milnclaren
Ross William Shinness shepherd
Scott Adam Achenduich manager servant
Short Mathew Rhean shepherd
Steward John Milnclaren
Stewart George Achinduich shepherd
Sutherland Alexander Parish of Rogart roadman
Sutherland Alexander Scourie schoolmaster
Sutherland Alexander Torroble friend of Neil Mackay
Sutherland Andrew Creaggie
Sutherland Ann Cnocan servant
Sutherland Christina Milnclaren servant
Sutherland Donald Clinol
Sutherland Donald Craggie deceased
Sutherland Isobel Rhinamain wife to Donald Mackay
Sutherland Isobel Rhinamain sister to Donald
Sutherland James Lairg
Sutherland Janet Kinvonvie wife of Finlay Munro
Sutherland John Kinvonvie farmer, wife Janet
Sutherland John Lairg schoolmaster
Sutherland Margaret Caoloshie sister of John
Sutherland Merran Lairg (Gray)
Sutherland Robert Craggie deceased
Sutherland Robert Craggie son of Donald
Sutherland Robert Craggie wife Christian Ross
Sutherland Robert Kinvonvie son of John
Sutherland William Kinvonvie son of John
Tarrel Alexander Dolay wife Isobel
Thomson Miss Lairg
Turnbull William Rhean & Clibrec shepherd
Urquhard Miss Rogart sister Nelly
Waugh Henry Rhine, Tomich son of William
Waugh William Rhine, Tomich shepherd
Wilson James Altbreach shepherd's boy
Wood William Dalmichie shepherd

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