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Lairg 1811

This list transcribed from the Sutherland Estate Papers (Dep 313/1573 - Report of Patrick Sellars on the Duke of Sutherland Estate 1811) by Elizabeth Bell.

Old post card view of Lairg from the north, courtesy of Sheila Mackay


1. Milne & Claren - 8 and one half farthings of land - Alexander GRAHAM miller, Mrs McKAY, John McLEOD, Murdoch McKAY, Robert McKAY, John McINTOSH, Finlay McDONALD, Alexander CAMPBELL, Alexander McKAY, James McKAY Craigahavell?.
2. Lower Lairg -14 farthings of land - Mrs KENNEDY, Sergt. Duncan MATTHIESON, George ROSS, Alexander ROSS's Widow, Alexander SUTHERLAND's Widow, James ROSS smith, James ROSS taylor.
3. Shiness Sheep Tenement - Duncan MATTHIESON Esquire.
4. Sundries lately held in Wadset by Robert GORDON. Mr Young to say how to be possessed - Grass Crop 1811, Corn Crop 1812 - the present tenants having been warned. 
  • a.-Torrobol -14 farthings - presently possessed by -David GRAHAM, John MATTHIESON, John CAMPBELL, Murdoch McKAY, John McKAY, Murdoch McDONALD, Donald MURRAY, Hugh MURRAY, John ROSS, William McDONALD, Robert MURRAY, James GRAY, Donald McKAY Senior, Alexander McKAY, Donald McKAY junior, Widow BRUCE.
  • b.- Kinvonavie-14 farthings - presently possessed by - Widow Barbra McKAY, Widow Elspet GORDON, Robert McDONALD, Hugh MUNRO, Wm McINTOSH, John McINTOSH, Kenneth McKAY, Alexander ROSS, Angus GUNN, Hector McDONALD, Widow McDONALD, Robert SUTHERLAND, John SUTHERLAND, Alexander McKAY, Alexander FORBES, Donald MATTHIESON, Thomas McKAY, Andrew SUTHERLAND, Thomas ROSS, Robert SUTHERLAND, John SUTHERLAND, William McKAY, Angus McKENZIE, Widow McDONALD, Hector McDONALD, John GRANT, Widow Margaret McKAY.
  • c. - Tomich -14 farthings - presently possessed by three tenants, two of them not known , one of them John MURRAY.
5. - Few Duties
Achany - William MUNRO Esquire.
Water of Shin - Murdoch McKENZIE of Ardross.
Gruids - Colonel MUNRO Pointsfield.
6. - Dry Mullures? of Milnchlaren – Sundries - William MUNRO Esq of Achany, Duncan MATTHEISON Esq. for Clunas.
The Miller being paid only for his labour - Alexander GRAHAM Miller has the Mill, Rent free.
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